Jimmy Garoppolo for QB1

The Offseason

It all started with the entire offseason for the 49ers being focused on what quarterback the team would be taking in the 2021 Draft after trading up to secure the number three overall pick. Some thought Mac Jones, Justin Fields, or Trey Lance were all suitable as well as possible options for the franchise. Regardless, all of the talk was focused on the franchise being ready to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo.

We are now in the middle of training camp. It seems like it is going to be a two man race with Jimmy G and Trey Lance. I think Lance will definitely be the quarterback of the future. But for now, the team is focusing on 2021 and getting back to playing championship football. Nick Bosa, George Kittle, Fred Warner, and Trent Williams are some of the best players in the NFL and their championship window is now! There is no room to let Lance play just to get experience. Jimmy Garoppolo, aka QB1, has already helped lead this team to a Super Bowl. This rookie season for Lance should be a season where he sits back and learns the system. As well as learning how long and difficult an NFL season can be!

Live Reps for Lance

Fast forward to the offseason and all San Francisco reports pointed to Lance doing amazing things in camp. Lance was able to get plenty of work in his first preseason game and outside of his great long Touchdown pass, he did not look ready for Week One. Yes, San Francisco is facing the Detroit Lions opening day which should result in a win but nothing is guaranteed in the National Football League.

Outside of the long touchdown pass, Lance was 5 for 14 and sacked four times. The four sacks taken by Lance totaled a loss of 31 total yards.  In my eyes Trey Lance’s performance was much less than advertised especially after the strong outings of Justin Fields, Mac Jones, Zach Wilson, and Trevor Lawrence. If you are looking for cool highlight plays then Lance is your guy. If you are looking to efficiently manage a football game and put the team in a position to win, Garoppolo is far along being the correct choice to start under center in 2021.

The Outcome

The opening game is still about four weeks from today and a lot can change. For now, I am going to set my sites on Jimmy Garoppolo being QB1 week one against the Lions. He’ll lead the 49ers to a strong 1-0 start on their 2021 campaign. Jimmy has the experience as well as the confidence to start this season on the right foot. The last thing the San Francisco 49ers want to do is start their season with a loss to the Lions on September 11th and that could definitely happen if Lance is getting his first career NFL start.


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-Fred O’Brien (@FOBSportsNFL)

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