Swansea, MA Residents Burn Patriots Jerseys Because My God, Do They Love The US of God Damn A


These kooky residents, man. I tell yuh. A couple of guys link arms and kneel in protest of THE PRESIDENT CALLING THEM SONS OF BITCHES and they hold a rally where they burn their NFL apparel. I mean first of all, I know you guys feel big in your britches because, you really showed them! I mean, I know there was a Hurricane that just devastated Puerto Rico… And Houston Texas is still in severe recovery mode but who needs them right? Why give them clothes you don’t want while they lost most if not all of their belongings? Absolutely asinine thought. Nick, just shut up.

BUT ON THE OTHER HAND… I wish I could roll my eyes so far into the back of my head that I could see my brain. Are we serious? We are going to burn the jerseys here? Now listen, feel me out. I am an absolute mad man if a player we love in Boston slides out if he’s offered a couple million more somewhere else. So when I see those jersey burning videos I kind of just shrug my shoulders and let it go because it stinks when a player you love leaves.

But guys, what do you think these players were doing in the locker room prior to 2009? Because as I’m sure most people don’t realize that they weren’t even on the field when the National Anthem was played. So I guarantee while the fans were up with their hands over their hearts and hats off, we had a lot of your favorite players sitting by their lockers with their favorite music blaring in their ears. Should we burn our Tom Brady jerseys if you bought them in 2008? I don’t know if he was standing…

I get the people who were pissed off from last weekend. I really do. I see it from both sides which, in today’s society, that’s shocking. But I do know why people are enraged by this. We love our country. I do too. But I see why the players did it. I understand it. It got the masses talking like wild fire and showed our President, and the country, that no matter what somebody on the team believes, his teammates will be right beside him. Again, the loudest message from last weekend’s protests.

You people love your country with every fiber of your being and you feel disrespected. My girlfriend called me chubby recently, am I supposed to break up with her? Do I start a poll over that?

All kidding aside though yes, the players kneeling did in fact disrespect the National Anthem… But they’re also showing that they feel as though the African American community has been disrespected by law enforcement in this country.

But back to this cookout. Jesus. Relax with the American flags everywhere and the “I love America” music in the background. It looks like an absolute hardo fest. You guys got the attention. Word was already out that the media was coming. Now you just look like you’re trying to hard.

I knew this was going to work people up. But my Lord.

And just something else I noticed… It could have gotten by me but I certainly wasn’t seeing any authentic Nike jerseys headed into that pit. Just a couple of those “Buy for just 5 dollars!” t-shirts you find at Walmart when you walk in. I would have been more impressed if I saw one of those $120 jerseys headed in.

Mark Shane, I’m glad you got on the news and at least one blog wrote about your little neighborhood shindig. But I am positive that by week 7 at least, you and 94.5% of the people in your front yard will be watching the game.

By the way their sign says specifically to burn a jersey… They know those weren’t jerseys, right?

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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