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Stronger is the new biographical drama about the Boston Marathon Bombings which is directed by David Gordon Green. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, Miranda Richardson, and Clancy Brown. This is the 2nd movie to come out this year based around the Boston Marathon Bombings so let’s review.

Stronger tells the true story of Boston Marathon Bombing survivor Jeff Bauman (Gyllenhaal) and his road to recovery. Unlike Patriots Day (the other Boston Marathon Bombing movie), Stronger barley focuses on the actual bombings. Yes they show the bombings obviously, but the majority of this movie takes place months after the bombings. For those who don’t know who Jeff Bauman is, he was the man in that infamous picture in the wheelchair with both of his legs blown off. He also played a part in tracking down the Tsarnaev brothers. But the main focus of this film is his recovery. So what did I think of Stronger?

Like Patriots Day, I also liked Stronger. What you have to understand about Stronger is that it is a very quiet and non-eventful film. But that’s its strength as this movie is strictly a character piece. Jake Gyllenhaal is great as Bauman. Bauman was a regular dude before the bombing, but after he became a symbol for the city. He became Boston Strong. But that’s not actually what happened. Bauman became a role model for so many but wasn’t a role model. He was someone who went through a traumatic experience and then became a celebrity basically. He makes a lot of mistakes and his life becomes a joke at some points. But that’s what makes his road to recovery that much sweeter when he does get better and he does walk again.

Jeff and Jake
Jake Gyllenhaal (right) plays Jeff Bauman (Left) in Stronger.

I also really liked Tatiana Maslany as Jeff Bauman’s girlfriend Erin Hurley. She has a very important role in the movie as she plays someone who also goes through a lot in this movie. While Bauman lost his legs, Erin gave up her life to accommodate Jeff and that can take a toll on a person. Especially someone who is expected to be the rock in the relationship. My one negative is that this is a very slow movie and it is a long movie. There were points in the movie that I was looking at my watch. If they could have cut off 15 minutes, I think that would have been perfect. Also this something that I just have an issue with any Boston movie and not just Stronger, but no can get a Boston accent right. IT’S NOT THAT HARD! The only good Boston accent I’ve ever heard was Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed.

In conclusion, I liked Stronger very much. You have to remember that this is much different than Patriots Day but it’s still very good. It’s a very inspirational story and Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany are excellent.

Rating: B+/87%

Written By: Steven Santoro (SVS_1993)

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