Super Bowl Preview: Patriots v.s. Rams

Well, here we are again. The experts doubted it. The haters doubted it. Most of us fans even doubted it. This did not look like past Super Bowl teams, but they found a way to make it here again.

Three straight seasons in the Super Bowl, and an unprecedented nine appearances for the Brady-Belichick era. This is all but tradition at this point, and being prepared should be on the Patriots side.

We might as well just jump right into the biggest concern of this game, the Rams interior defensive line.

Aaron Donald is a problem. There are 2 players that Bill seems concerned about, one is Johnny Hekker, and the other is Aaron Donald. He and Suh are capable of dominating any point of a game. The best way to get at Tom Brady is from interior pressure, so if he can get the ball out fast that will be a huge key to this game.

The main narrative about this game seems to be the running game. Everyone seems to think that if the Patriots can successfully run the ball, then they will win this game. I really don’t think it’s just that easy, Sean McVay does not manage a clock like Andy Reid. Shaq Mason will be a huge key in that running game, as a huge downhill blocker. But Brady needs to control this game. That doesn’t mean he needs to have 500 yards like last year, but he just needs to be in full control and this game will be the Patriots to win.

It will be interesting to see how the Patriots come out in coverage for this game. They have run a ton of man all season and that is how Gilmore thrives. There doesn’t seem to be a key matchup for him to lock off in man.

Someone is going to need to jam Brandin Cooks at the line though. He is the type of receiver that is not a fan of contact, and that could make him a non-factor. Todd Gurley seems like he has flown under the radar with the resurgence of CJ Anderson.

Gurley is a game changing back, and Bill might come in with the same gameplan he used 17 years ago against Marshall Faulk. Just beat on him until he can’t be a factor. Otherwise, this defense just needs to take full advantage of a young QB that isn’t ready for this big stage. Pounce on every little mistake and turn that into Super Bowl win number 6.

This is a big redemption Super Bowl for this team. A rematch of the teams that began this dynasty would really bring things full circle. Everyone always hopes for a blowout, but there’s no doubt this will take a few years off our lives. 30-27 Pats. LET’S GO!!!

-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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