A 5-4 Tom Brady Super Bowl Record Would Just Have a Bad Taste

The New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will be facing off in Super Bowl LIII on Sunday night. Quarterback Tom Brady will be playing his 9th Super Bowl, which is an incredible achievement.

However, it seems to be the vibe that people choose not to enjoy the greatness of what Tom Brady has been doing throughout his career in the NFL. People choose to hate, rather than sit back and enjoy what he has presented to us over the years. However, he does have three Super Bowl losses and with a loss this Sunday, that could make it his fourth loss in the biggest game of the year. People who choose to hate will use that for their argument that he might not be the greatest player of all time even though that’s just not true.

Despite everything that has happened over the years in the Patriots organization with Spygate, Deflategate, and the drama with drafting Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, Brady has maintained the same mindset each and every year throughout his career–which is to finish the season with a Super Bowl trophy.

He’s been in the league for 18 seasons and has played in the Super Bowl half of the time. However, he has had some upsetting finishes in three of those eight Super Bowls. A fourth loss would not taste good to Patriots fans and most importantly, for Brady.

It is so hard to even get to the biggest game but once you are there, you expect to play your best football and come out on top. It is great that the Patriots are in it every year and makes every season fun to watch. However, in those three losses, they have been heartbreaking to watch.

It’s fun to watch the Super Bowl and see your team in it, competing for a championship. However, with a fourth loss, coming back to back also, it wouldn’t be the best feeling to experience. 

For some reason, this game to me is one the biggest Super Bowls of Brady’s career. I am not saying the past eight were not but I feel with Brady getting older in age, maybe his time for Super Bowl runs could be on the way out.

We all saw how hard it was to get to the big game this year and with rising star Patrick Mahomes down in Kansas City, it might be even harder to get to another Super Bowl. It is going to be a fun game but also a game with a lot of ups and downs. Hopefully, by the end of the night, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, giving Brady his sixth ring. 

Zachary Connell(@ZackConnell2)

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