Stop Sleeping On Dustin Pedroia

It seems that most Red Sox fans and most baseball writers have forgotten one big thing this offseason. The defending champs are getting back Dustin Pedroia! I will admit I have fallen into that trap too, briefly, but it happened.

Pedroia is a different animal, the amount of work he puts in on a daily basis to perfect his game is second to none. He will be coming back with vengeance because he will hang up his spikes on his own terms and his only. Over his 13 year career, yes including 2018 which he batted .091, Pedroia has a .300 career batting average.

Add that into the six or seven spot in a lineup that had the best offense in all of baseball last year and now you are cooking with fire!

To further prove the point of him coming back better than anyone is expecting the Red Sox haven’t been tied to anyone in the second base free agent pool, a pool that consists of Jed Lowrie, DJ LeMahieu and Josh Harrison. All of which can be a solid fit at second base for the Red Sox.

You heard it here first people, Dustin Pedroia will be back and back in a huge way. Better buckle up now because 2019 is going to be a hell of a ride.

-Kevin Perdios (@perdios95) 

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