Derrick Rose Welcomed Back to Chicago With ‘MVP’ Chants

A great moment here as the Derrick Rose comeback tour continues this season. Sure, he has been playing for several seasons since his injuries in Chicago, but frankly he’s sucked so this year marks the official comeback.

Rose put up 24 points on the Bulls and left fans remembering what once was, and what could have been.

It’s been a long road to recovery for the 30 year old point guard, and not just physically. Since tearing his ACL back in 2012, Rose has struggled coming back to basketball from a mental standpoint. His returns always seemed to be plagued by more injuries.

For a player to see himself fall from the top of the world to struggling for minutes coming off the bench, the future may look bleak. Rose, however, has found a good fit in Minnesota this season, averaging 19 points and playing close to 30 minutes per game.

Though this season is a screaming uptick for Rose, the ambivalence of the situation is not lost. Chicago and basketball fans alike will forever wonder what could have been. “Why was Derrick in up 12 with 1:32 left in the game?” will be in the back of everyone’s minds for the remainder of Rose’s career.

No one knows the dominance he could be displaying if he never went down. Right now at 30, and not nearly as healthy as he once was, is shooting 48% and 45% from three. Imagine if he had knees?

-Riley Banks (@Rileybanks10)

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