Stephen A. Smith Has No Idea Who’s Playing For The Chargers or Chiefs Tonight

First Take took a wild left hand turn today when Stephan A Smith started talking about the match ups to look for tonight during the Chiefs-Chargers Thursday Night Football game. But, uh, we have some problems with the analysis. 

Stephen A is ALL over the map with this take. Can you call it hot? Yeah, you might be able to and if it turns out that he’s right, we’re in for the most brain twisting night in NFL HISTORY. 

First off, he tells us about what he’s looking at on the side of the San Diego Chargers. Whatever, not a massive mistake, right? We’ll give him a pass because it’s easy to let that slip. They were the San Diego Chargers for years so reverting back to that isn’t something you can really blame the guy for. 

But then we start getting a little wacky. Stephen A, my man. Are you on the WEEEEEEEEEEDUH?! (solid joke, Nick)

Stephen A starts rolling on about how effective that Hunter Henry’s been this season. You know, the tight end for the LA Chargers. The kid probably has a bright future ahead of him but the problem is that Henry hasn’t played a single game this season and tore his ACL back in August. Yikes.

You can kind of lie your way out of this one, right? This is something manageable where you can make up some kind of excuse. “Oh, I actually meant fill in name here.” Whatever, you’ll recover. 

But he went full blown Stephen A and just LAYERED IT ON, BABY. 

He’s pumped up to see Henry take on Derrick Johnson… Who is no longer with the Kansas City Chiefs, hasn’t been all season and, well, is actually unemployed. 

And that’s where this whole thing becomes incurable. Tedy Bruschi’s face during this meltdown was laugh out loud funny. I’m shocked he didn’t walk off set, thinking this was a prank. 

Stephen A tried to walk it back but, man, come on. There’s no shot you knew Hunter Henry was hurt and Derrick Johnson didn’t play for the Chiefs anymore. Not. A. Chance. 

I love this man. He’s by FAR the best personality on ESPN. Pure electricity 24/7 but this is an all-time screw up on live tv. 

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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