RAW viewership continues to drastically sink

I feel like every week I’m reporting on a new record low for Monday Night RAW ratings. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen the numbers dwindle from 2.369 million viewers, to 2.285 million, to 2.194 million this week. More people are falling off the show than ever. This week was down 4% from last week, which was also a record low, down 3.5% from the week prior to that.

This week, Intercontinental champion Seth Rollins ran a promo calling out all of the show’s problems. Claiming that morale, attendance, and viewership are lower than ever. Of course, in kayfabe he blamed it on Baron Corbin’s leadership. Though these last 2 weeks, Vince has decided that last minute he’s needed to completely rewrite the show last minute. Last week he thought that people would be sad that George H. W. Bush passed, so he rewrote the show to be “happier” 3 hours before the show went on air.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer had this to say about this week’s show:

“The first segment of RAW and this is the first I will say this, I feel like I was watching WCW when they were on their way down.

This is the exact formula to lose their audience, they talked about the show sucking and the ratings too. And you know you are watching a product that isn’t cool.”

The only thing Meltzer seemed to like about the show was the work rate from Seth Rollins. They talked about how the 2 on 3 handicap tag team match is straight from WCW.

This morning we learned that FOX wants 3 to 3.5 million viewers for SmackDown when that begins broadcasting on that network. They might have to re-think that deal, as their supposed “A-show” is barely floating above 2 million, and may not even be as soon as next week.

Braden Jackson – @Dembrae754

Image provided by WWE.com

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