Sports & The World Podcast: The NFL Divisional Round & Walter…I Mean Gunther

In this episode of the Sports & The World, I recap the NFL Wild Card Weekend in the NFL while discussing the NFL Divisional Round. I talk about why I like Bengals QB Joe Burrow and he’s brought to Cincinnati and their biggest flaw. Also, the impact of a possibly returning Derrick Henry to the Titans backfield means for them. What’s more: I give a winner in this AFC NFL Divisional Round game.
Next, why the Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas Chiefs NFL playoff game in Arrowhead Stadium could go either way. Moreover, what are the x-factors for this game and which team am I leaning in favor of (for now)?

NFL Divisional Round: NFC Matchups

The Los Angeles Rams face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL NFC Divisional Round
Shifting to the NFC side of the NFL divisional round, why the Los Angeles Rams vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers matchup is not completely about the two offenses. In addition, which team has the edge after their first face-off back in Week Three in L.A.?
Equally important, can the San Francisco 49ers win a second straight NFL road game at Lambeau Field? Comparatively, why the Packers are the best team left in the NFL playoffs and QB Aaron Rodgers.

Walter is Gunther & the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys

 Clipart of the NFL”s Dallas Cowboys Logo

Here, I share why WWE should let Walter be Walter as well as how the name change sits with me. Lastly, I discuss the reason why the NFL franchise Dallas Cowboys is falling short in the NFL playoffs. Overall, who has been there the longest? Before I go, enjoy the episode. With this in mind, be real, be you, and be blessed!


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