Some People Really Think the Celtics Would be Better Off Without Kyrie Irving

I really hate stupid people, man.

So let me get this straight, Colin Cowherd actually believes that the Boston Celtics are a better basketball team without their All-Star, All-NBA, NBA Champion, and Olympic gold medal winning point guard? And why, because they beat Philadelphia the other night? Because Kyrie was on the floor during both LA losses last weekend? GIVE ME A BREAK. The Celtics have been whooping Philly’s ass with and without Kyrie since the beginning of last season. And you can’t pin the LA losses on him. Especially when he wasn’t even on the floor for the second half of the Clippers one.

Has it ever occurred to some of you dinks that are actually on board with this that maybe, just maybe, the Celtics are an extremely talented team? Without Kyrie Irving, they’re easily still a top-3 seed in the Eastern Conference. They proved that during last year’s playoff run. With him? They’re the best team in the conference when they play up to their full potential, hands-down. This is all such an overreaction to what has obviously been a season where the team hasn’t quite lived up to some very lofty expectations.

And I’m not too sure what “numbers” Cowherd was looking at before he said this, but it couldn’t have been these:

Anyone with a brain and a second grade education should know how numbers work. The Celtics numbers with Kyrie are bigger than those without Kyrie. It’s really that simple.

But even looking beyond these two stats, how is this a logical take? Kyrie Irving is a top-10 player in the NBA. No team is better without a top-10 talent than they would be with one on their roster.

I’ve said it before, but the fact that these dumbasses get paid millions of dollars to say stupid shit while I’m still living with my mom is so unfair. Is that all you need to do if you want to be successful? Just spew a bunch of bull-shit? If that’s the case, expect my blogs to get a lot more irrational than they already are.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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