Should Celtic Fans be Mad if Kyrie Irving Plays in Sunday’s All-Star Game?

Celtic Point Guard, Kyrie Irving, was out the final two games before the All-star break for the Boston Celtics due to a knee sprain. The Celtics in those two games bounced back from two tough losses to both Los Angeles teams. Since Irving sat out those last two games, should he play in this Sunday’s NBA All-Star game?

It was stated earlier this week from both Head Coach, Brad Stevens, and President of Operations, Danny Ainge that they have no problem with Kyrie playing in the All-Star game. It seems like an odd statement to make when this is your best player on the team. Other than that, Stevens and Ainge haven’t really made a lot of comments about the situation. Kyrie Irving is going to be a free agent this upcoming summer and surely will be in high demand.  Danny Ainge, however, is still optimistic that Irving will be in a Celtic jersey next season.

As a Celtic fan, I can see why this is concerning. Irving has been a roller coaster of emotions this season. One moment, you’re confident that Irving will be staying in Boston, then before you know it, you’re wondering if he is even happy here. Now he could potentially suit up for Sunday’s NBA All-Star game, a meaningless game. This just wouldn’t make sense if he wasn’t healthy enough to play in a regular season game. No one will know how Kyrie is feeling but him. So, if he believes he is healthy enough to play, he will play.

As we approach Sunday night, I think Kyrie will suit up. I don’t think it’s the biggest deal but as a Celtic fan, I will be watching him very closely to see whether or not he is healthy. There will people that will be upset if he does decide to play and then there will be people who won’t really care. However, at the end of the day, it just seems that Kyrie Irving really doesn’t care what people think.  Deep down, he knows he is one of the top elite players in the league. He will continue to keep the NBA world on their toes and will most likely keep the free agent talk to a minimum.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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