Danny Ainge Confirms Celtics Need Kyrie Irving…DUH!

The Boston Celtics bounced back from two ugly losses against both Los Angeles basketball teams. They responded by winning back to back games on the road at Philly Tuesday night, and then beat the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday night. Both of those games also did not have Kyrie Irving.

Some even said that the Celtics play better with Kyrie out of the lineup. That statement is beyond ludicrous! Even Danny Ainge thinks so.

What Danny Ainge Actually Had To Say

The Celtics have had the reputation of playing better without Kyrie Irving. What team in their right mind is better without Kyrie with them? The Cavaliers don’t win the 2016 NBA Finals without Kyrie Irving, especially in game 7 of that particular Finals.

Some Stats to Take Into Consideration

Here’s a few stats to look at if you are currently in the “The Celtics are better without Kyrie Irving” group.

In Conclusion

Need I say more? This Celtics team NEEDS Kyrie Irving in the lineup. He is one of the best point guards in the league and his stats can back them up. Let Kyrie walk this summer and you are asking for HUGE trouble.

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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