Florida State Softball Player Makes One Of The Best Double Plays I’ve Ever Seen In The Women’s College World Series

What. A. Play. Baseball is my favorite sport and I could watch the game all day. I’ll throw on softball every once in a while because it’s entertaining as hell, especially at the level of the Women’s College World Series. The girls go BANANAS when a home run is hit and I low key love it.

But Jessie Warren of Florida State flipped one of the best double plays I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’ve been watching Dustin Pedroia since day one of his major league career who, in my opinion, is one of the best infielders of this generation and maybe of all-time. I’ve never seen him make a play like this.

And granted this would be tough to make on a major league diamond because everything is so much bigger but regardless, as it stands, this is nasty.

The best part of this clip is that when it starts, she isn’t even on the screen. As far we know, she’s playing back at third baseman and then here comes Warren from the damn clouds.

And the first baseman gets AMPED. She fist pumps directly down Washington’s throats and sent electricity through the stadium. If someone reacted like that in major league baseball the pitcher would get sensitive and fire a fastball into their ribs the next time they’re at the plate.

Electric. If you don’t watch softball because you think you’re too much of a man with a set of average sized manhood, check it out. It’s some great ball to watch and just because they get so jacked up when a ball goes over the fence, I get a little gassed up myself.

PS, Florida State took this game-game 1- over Washington.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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