Lebron is the NBA 2K19 Cover Athlete; Confirming he’s Leaving Cleveland

Lebron James is in his 15th NBA season and put up quite possibly his best statistical season. All throughout his amazing season, Lebrons supporting cast has given him many reasons to leave Cleveland. All these problems began last offseason when last year’s cover athlete Kyrie forced a trade out of Cleveland. Kyrie didn’t like being second-fiddle to Bronny and that sparked some changes. Cleveland got Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, and even more to make up for the bogus squad the Cavs had. Those dudes didn’t work so the Cavs traded those guys and got back Rodney Hood, George Hill, Larry Nance JR, and Jordan Clarkson. Those guys sucked with the Cavs too. Lebron must do everything for this team and has willed them to the finals. These NBA Finals will be Lebrons last ever games as a Cavalier.

The 2K Curse is Real

Most people have heard of the Madden Curse where the cover athlete for Madden either gets hurt or has a god-awful season. The NBA 2K Curse is relatively new but is for sure a real thing. The 2K Curse is when the player on the cover of 2K leaves the team they were on. The first instance of this was actually Lebron himself. He was on the cover of 2K14 and then left to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers. The next example of this is when Kevin Durant was on the cover of NBA 2K15 and then left to join the Golden State Warriors. The biggest snake this league’s seen. Paul George was on 2K17 and got traded to the Thunder. Lebrons former teammate Kyrie Irving was on last years NBA 2K18 and we all know about him forcing a trade to Boston. Everyone’s been talking about Lebron leaving Cleveland and this 2K19 cover announcement solidifies it.

Where’s Lebron Going?

Look, nobody should get on Lebrons case for leaving Cleveland this time around. He has to do everything for his team with no help at all. On top of that, Lebron has already delivered his promise of getting Cleveland an NBA Championship. Lebron James will go down as the best athlete in Cleveland sports history.

The top teams everyone’s talking about Lebron joining are Philly, Lakers, and Houston. The Sixers have the top odds according to Vegas, but that just feels like a weird fit with him and Ben Simmons. If Lebron goes to the Lakers, then he doesn’t give a shit about winning. That’s not the Lebron we all know. Unless Paul George signs with them first, Bron isn’t going there. Then, there’s Houston. I love the fit and idea of him in Houston. Golden State just beat up on Houston and then continued to beat up on Lebron in the Finals. They have common goals and need to come together to take down the Warriors. The only issue is money. Between Harden, CP3, and Lebron there are 3 max contracts. They would have to have a bunch of guys willing to take minimum contracts to join the team’s conquest to take out the Golden State dynasty. The only thing that’s for sure, is that Lebron is saying goodbye to Cleveland for the final time.

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