Isaiah Thomas is Throwing Jabs at the Cavaliers

Isaiah Thomas has been quite the journeyman over the last year.

From Boston, to Cleveland, to LA, and now to free agency, IT has really had no reason to show loyalty to any of his previous teams. Danny Ainge shipped him out of Boston for a younger and better Kyrie Irving without hesitation, LeBron got the entire Cavs roster flipped right before the trade deadline this season, and he wasn’t in LA long enough to make much of a difference. After Boston traded him, there were many statements and videos released where he showed his displeasure with the Celtics organization and Danny Ainge. Now, he’s taking shots at the Cavs on National TV and I am here for it.

It’s obvious to almost every NBA fan that the Cavs are going to lose the Finals. And if they don’t grab this next game, it’s very possible that they get swept. Based on his comments, IT is clearly watching his former team in the Finals.

I say it a lot on the blog, but this is why I love the NBA. The level of pettiness in this league is far above any other professional sports league. IT has been done wrong so many times in the last year that he should probably be able to say whatever he wants at this point. Hopefully, he can get healthy and be playing at a high level again soon.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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