#SoccerSaturdays: Manchester United vs. Liverpool ROUND 2 – FA Cup

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If it feels like it was just yesterday, United and Liverpool went face-to-face? Well, Its because it literally happened last week! Now, we have a second opportunity to see this rivalry go head-to-head once again. United and Liverpool well face each other for the second time in less than a week, this time for the 4th round of the FA Cup.

Last week didn’t offer much for the fans as it was scoreless and lackluster. However, I truly think this week could offer a complete different story. Let’s get to the reason why!

FA Cup Tournament – History.

The FA Cup is known for being the oldest national football competition in the world as it started back in the late 1800’s. In fact, the team to have won this tournament the most is Arsenal (14 times) and right behind them is Manchester United (12 times). Liverpool is the 5th team to have won it the most with 7 trophies and their last trophy being lifted back in 2006.

So now that we know the history, what should we be expecting tomorrow out of each team?

Manchester United

The devils are coming into this game riding high and with lots of confidence. United currently leads the English Premier League and their last victory was against a scrappy and tough to play, Fulham.

Now before you go judging, Fulham’s team is fooling many! While their stats currently place them towards the bottom of the table and likely in relegation for 2022 season. Fulham continues to be a huge speed bump on the road for many teams and they are not going down without a fight. So as I said earlier, United is riding high in confidence and we could be seeing a temporary return to the glory days for these devils.

What would United come out with tomorrow at home against Liverpool? I think the lineup might look as follows:

  • David De Gea (G), Wan Bissaka, Bailly, Maguire, Shaw (D).
  • McTominay, Pogba, Fernandes, Rashford (M)
  • Cavani (F), Greenwood (F).
  • Formation: 4-1-3-2


I expect Liverpool to come into this game looking to kill. The amount of anger the locker room is experiencing after a dumb loss to Burnley, is expected to be unleashed and this game could offer a very serious and high tempo match for fans.

The #YNWA aside, is expected to come firing in all cylinders and hoping to change the dynamic that has been pestering them as of late. So with that in mind, and seeing they are currently in 4th place with a dangerous Tottenham behind them in the Premier League, expect Liverpool to either send a loud message with tomorrow’s performance or just flat out bomb out tomorrow.

Here is the lineup I expect coming out of Liverpool tomorrow:

  • Allison (G). Tsimikas, Fabinho, Phillips, Williams (D).
  • Thiago, Jones, Milner (M).
  • Salah, Minamino, Firmino (F).
  • Formation: 4-3-3.

Last, But Not Least?

At last, I believe that with the Devils coming home to face one of their oldest rivals in history. United could come out of this game victorious with a close 2-1 win.

Liverpool tomorrow could look very desperate to make a change in their dynamic lately. Whenever high level teams of the caliber of Liverpool show that desperation, many mistakes lead to an even worse outing and therefore I think, mistakes in the midfield and defense could leave Liverpool vulnerable tomorrow.

Anyways! Tune in tomorrow at noon EST, to the Couch Guy Sports Twitch Channel as The Yellow Card Podcast crew will be there to provide you with commentary on the game.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

Diego Galvis

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