SKIP FROM THE CLOUDS. This might be the hottest NFL take I’ve seen all summer. I don’t  follow Skip on twitter because I find him kind of annoying, but I saw this retweeted on my timeline and had to react somehow.

You know it’s slow in the sports world when Skip Bayless, a man who is known for drooling over Tom Brady and everything about the Patriots, is starting to suggest that Belichick is going to trade/cut his franchise QB. Brady isn’t getting traded anytime soon, it just wouldn’t make sense. We know The Hoodie believes Garappolo is the heir to Brady’s throne, it’s the reason why he demanded a godfather offer for him on draft night. But he also isn’t dumb, and he wouldn’t let Brady go if he knows there’s still elite football left in him.

From what I’ve seen, Brady is having a fantastic training camp so far, while Garappolo has been trending in the opposite direction. I don’t think Belichick would base his decision solely on training camp performance, but if Brady hasn’t shown him a reason to start thinking about Jimmy right this second, why would he? Sure, Garappolo’s contract is coming up and Brady is about to turn 40, and decision definitely has to be made soon, but not before this season starts. And when the time does come, there’s no way Brady would get cut! A trade is more likely, but I still can’t see him wanting to finish his career anywhere else. He’s smart enough to know when it’s time to hang up the cleats, and I think it’s coming after this year or the next.

To me, Garappolo’s future with the Pats depends on how well Brady performs this season. He hasn’t shown any signs of decline, but he is going to be 40 this year and we’ve never seen somebody play well that late into their career. If Brady has a good season, I bet JG is franchise tagged next year.

But the bottom line is this, Brady isn’t going anywhere this year, so Skip should probably…

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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