Kyrie Irving To The Knicks Makes Too Much Sense

About two weeks ago, Kyrie Irving set the sports world on fire when he asked the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade him. From what was reported, Irving is tired of being 2nd fiddle to LeBron James and wants to move on from him. It’s also a possibility that Irving sees the writing on the wall and wants to get the hell out of Cleveland before LeBron leaves next year. So the Cavs have a decision to face before the season starts, where should Kyrie be traded if they decide to move him? For me, the obvious choice should be the New York Knicks.

To start off, the New York Knicks were on Kyrie Irving’s list of teams he would want to be traded to. The appeal is obvious to see for Kyrie; he goes to one of the premier NBA franchises and immediately the face of said franchise. He, along with Kristaps Porzingis, would form one of the best young duos in the NBA and the Knicks would be back as a viable team. So what would it take for him to get on the team? Here’s my trade proposal.

New York: Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert

Cleveland: Carmelo Anthony, 2018 1st Round Pick

LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have been close friends since they entered the league together back in 2003.

So here’s the follow up question, why does this trade make sense for the Cavaliers? Well to start off, they’re playing with their backs against to the wall. Like the Indiana Pacers with Paul George, the Cavs know they’re in a positon that they are not going to get as much as they should for Kyrie Irving. So they’re in a no win situation, but what they have to do is to please LeBron James. There is a growing concern that there’s a real chance that LeBron will leave Cleveland once again next year in free agency. So what the Cavaliers need to do over the next 10 months is please LeBron to no end. They can start by bringing in Carmelo Anthony.

Like Dwyane Wade and LeBron, Carmelo and LeBron have shared a bond ever since they were drafted in 2003. They have also become good friends over the years as well. It is also well know that Carmelo Anthony is headed out of New York at some point. So if Carmelo heads to Cleveland, then that would show LeBron that the Cavs are willing to bend over back to please him. Plus in the trade above, the Cavs do pick up a 1st round pick and unload walking pile of garbage that is Iman Shumpert. So their starting lineup would consists of Derrick Rose—Kyle Korver—Carmelo Anthony—LeBron James—Kevin Love. If you look at that lineup, it is the definition of a “small ball” lineup. So considering that the Cavs are chasing the Warriors, going small ball is probably their only option. By getting Carmelo, they add an incredible scorer that can play multiple positions and can match the Warriors. As for Kyrie, he gets what he wants; his own team in a big market. Everyone wins.

Written By: Steven Santoro (SVS_1993)

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