Should the Red Sox make a run at Carlos Rodón?

With the MLB lockout in full effect, no moves can be made across the league. Heck, the players can’t even interact with one another! But that will not stop me from blogging about our beloved Boston Red Sox. So this brought me back to something I saw about a week and a half ago. The Red Sox supposedly are showing interest in Chicago White Sox left-handed pitcher Carlos Rodón. But that also now leaves me asking the question. Should the Red Sox actually attempt to make a run at Carlos Rodón? Let’s get into it.

The Red Sox can use Carlos Rodón as Eduardo Rodriguez’s Replacement

Eduardo Rodriguez left for the Detroit Tigers earlier in the off-season before the lockout began. Rodriguez was steady for the Red Sox in 2021. So could Rodón be the answer as a replacement for Eddy? Don’t forget, the Red Sox also signed Michael Wacha and James Paxton right before the lockout. So they could be content with those options. But Rodón does bring something different, which brings me to my next point.

Getting Carlos Rodón for Cheap

Rodón could be right in the Red Sox ballpark for a contract. You could realistically give Rodón a two year deal for about 12-14 million dollars total. Also consider that Rodón is coming off of an All-star season with Chicago. He might want a little bit more. If the money gets to be too much, then you don’t have to continue to pursue a deal. It’s as simple as that.

Carlos Rodón was an All-Star in 2021

Rodón was 13-5 with a 2.37 ERA in 2021 with the White Sox. He also struck out 185 hitters in 132.2 innings. Safe to say, Rodón had a really great 2021 season. So if Rodón pitched well with that White Sox team, imagine how well he could do with that potent Red Sox lineup behind him every five days.

In Conclusion

Is it worth it to inquire about Rodón when the lockout is over? Yes. But do I realistically think he ends up in Boston? No, not even a little bit. The Red Sox are probably content with what they have and will continue to go down the route of developing pitchers in the minors. But we’ll see what happens. We just need this lockout to get over with now to make moves again!

(Featured image courtesy of Chicago.suntimes.com)

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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