Should the Red Sox aggressively pursue Anthony Rizzo at the trade deadline?

The MLB trade deadline is just around the corner. Make no mistake about it, the Boston Red Sox are in a great position. They are first in the A.L. East along with having the #4 overall pick in Sunday’s MLB draft. They also can be buyers at the trade deadline as they fight on toward the postseason. One team that will be sellers at the MLB trade deadline is the Chicago Cubs. A name that has come up as a potential trade target? Anthony Rizzo. So the question comes up: should the Red Sox aggressively pursue Anthony Rizzo at the trade deadline?

I think they should and here’s why.

They Need Better Production at First Base

I’m sorry. But this season, Bobby Dalbec isn’t doing the job. I even wrote about how I thought Bobby should get sent down to Worcester. Honestly, it’s gotten to that point, at least with me. Rizzo would fill a glaring hole at first base for this Red Sox game. Granted, he’s currently hitting around .250 at the moment. But this is a guy that hit over .290 just two seasons ago! By the way, he’s also a four time gold glove winner. That’s the whole package right there in my opinion.

Anthony Rizzo is in the Final Year of His Deal

This is important to remember. Rizzo would literally be a rental for the Red Sox for the rest of the 2021 season. You’re obviously not going to have to pay all of Rizzo’s 16.5 million that he’s due for 2021. Then next season, you can let him walk and continue to hope Bobby Dalbec develops into your future first baseman. If you can get Rizzo for some lower end prospects, you might as well try to make a deal happen.

Anthony Rizzo’s Personality Would Fit Right in with the Red Sox

This clip makes me laugh every time. The Red Sox are a serious team, but they have a ton of fun. With moments like this, Anthony Rizzo would fit right in with the Red Sox. Imagine him with Alex Cora? Oh man, he would love his two to three months in Boston. I don’t know what it is about Rizzo, but I feel like he would just click here with all of the Red Sox players.

In Conclusion

Anthony Rizzo to Boston would be a great move. Chaim Bloom should at least get on the phone and see what the asking price for Rizzo would be. I’ll say this. If the Red Sox somehow land Anthony Rizzo without giving up tons of young talent, I think they become a more complete team. Plus, anybody remember what team initially drafted Anthony Rizzo? Yeah, that’s the Boston Red Sox! It’s almost destiny. The stars are aligned. Bring Anthony Rizzo to Boston!

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–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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