Is Zach Wilson’s Mom Going to be a Problem for the Jets?

Zach Wilson has already grabbed the attention of many in New York. There has also been another Wilson that has peaked the interest of fans and media in NY: his mother Lisa Wilson.

At first people were raving about his mom and how hot she was after being shown a couple of times during the NFL draft. It became a topic of conversation for the NY media when WFAN radio host Craig Carton asked him about his “really hot mom.”

Where It All Started

In early May we saw a thread of tweets go viral that featured Wilson’s mom ranting about how her Disney World trip was cut short because employees were asking people to keep their masks on. She ended up referring to Disney as “Maskholes.”

From the start, you can already tell that she gives off major Karen vibes. The way she speaks, her complaints to abide by the COVID rules, her “let me speak to the manager” vibes.

She also refers to the weather at Disney as hot like a “whore in church.” Yikes. Coming from the mother of the Mormon Messiah?!

When someone like Zach Wilson gets sprung into the spotlight, especially the New York spotlight, they need to keep members of their family in check.

Wilson’s mom recently went private after these videos came out.

Zach Puts his Foot Down

Recently, there was another video that surfaced from Wilson’s mother. This time she discusses how she has been asked by Zach to take down her social media.

Although she doesn’t agree with her son, it’s probably best that Lisa takes a step back for the sake of her son and his success in his career. All that she is doing is drawing more attention to her son.

Will it be a problem?

At the end of the day, all this does is give the bloodthirsty New York media something to talk about. They are always looking for a story or someone to blame when the Jets have not won a game by Week 5. I don’t think it will affect his performance whatsoever. If it does become a problem, he has his team and his offensive line to protect him.

Is that me? Is that what I’m doing right now? I guess so…

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-Tom D (@ThomasDiRusso on Twitter)

Feat. image courtesy of @lifeaccording2lisa on Instagram

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