Is it time for the Red Sox to send Bobby Dalbec down to Worcester?

Listen folks, this Red Sox team is still a very good baseball team. They’re currently a half game out of first place in the American League East after losing two of three to the Tampa Bay Rays. But there’s one thing that I don’t hear anybody talking about at all. Booby Dalbec. Dalbec was supposed to be considered in the running for Rookie of the Year. But with a very mediocre start to the 2021 season, I think this next question is fair to ask. Is it time for the Red Sox to send Bobby Dalbec down to Worcester? Let’s deep dive into it.

The Strikeout Numbers Could Send Bobby Dalbec to Worcester

In 206 official at bats this year, Bobby Dalbec has struck out 85 times. When you do the quick math on that, that’s 41% of the time. 41% of the time, Bobby Dalbec is not putting the ball in play. That’s not good! Dalbec has had stretches where he looks like he can consistently contribute at the plate. Now? It looks like Dalbec is back to struggling at the plate. It’s tough as a fan to watch Dalbec at the plate and anticipate a strikeout to happen. If Dalbec wants to keep his job at the big league level, he NEEDS to cut down on the strikeout numbers.

The .209 Average

The strikeouts have led to a .209 average for Dalbec. Again, this isn’t great by any standards. Yes, I know that the Red Sox have guys like Marwin Gonzalez and Danny Santana that are hitting below .200 right now. But Dalbec is supposed to be the future at first base! Keep in mind, Dalbec hit .263 in 23 games with the Red Sox in 2020. So there was significant hope going into the 2021 season for the 26 year old. This is not what the Red Sox need out of the first base position right now.

The Defense Saving Him?

His fielding has been extremely good this year honestly. A .987 fielding percentage with six errors in 60 games played at first base. Dalbec has looked good at first base, making some really good plays. That could be the thing that prevents him from being sent down to Worcester.

In Conclusion

Should Bobby Dalbec be sent down to Worcester? I think so. Even if it’s only for a short period of time. Do I think he actually will be sent down? I don’t. I think this is similar to the Dustin Pedroia situation back in 2007. Let the kid take his bumps in the road and hope he figures it out. We’ll see what happens. But hopefully, the Red Sox get the 2020 version of Dalbec back for the last three full months of the season.

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–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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