Should the Cardinals Draft Murray and Trade Rosen?

Now that Kyler Murray has officially declared for the draft, the natural next step is to analyze where he’ll be drafted. Since this year’s quarterback class doesn’t have a clear number 1, people have been making cases for anyone to go number 1, including Kyler Murray.

Some have even speculated that the Arizona Cardinals might take Murray with the first overall pick.

But wait, didn’t they just take a quarterback in the top 10 last year? Josh Rosen was the Cardinals’ first round pick just a year ago, taken number nine overall.

Would it make sense to take another quarterback while trading Rosen? Personally, I think that would be a terrible idea. For starters, given Rosen’s rookie year, I don’t think they’d get much for Rosen.

Maybe a third round pick at best (Why do I feel like the Patriots would make that move).

Second, giving up on a promising talent after one season is a bad luck for the GM and the organization as a whole. Rosen didn’t have a great year, but he also didn’t have a great supporting cast. He went through two offensive coordinators: One couldn’t figure out how to utilize David Johnson and the other was a first time coordinator.

Also, the Cardinals’ offensive line was not very good. While I still firmly believe that Rosen is the third best QB in his class (behind Baker and Darnold), I still think he’s going to be a solid starter. What the Cardinals should do is trade out of the first overall pick and stockpile draft picks.

They are in rebuild mode, but they aren’t that far away from competing. They only need a few pieces, which they could find with a couple first round picks in this draft. Murray isn’t going to be that missing piece, even if he’s better than Rosen.

I know a lot of people link Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray because Kingsbury made a comment (before he was Arizona’s coach) that Murray should be the first overall pick.

However, giving up on a young quarterback before he’s even coached a game would not be a good look. The only way I’d be okay with trading Rosen is if they could get a first round pick for him, which is highly unlikely. All eyes will be on the draft and specifically the Arizona Cardinals in April to see what they’ll do with that number one overall pick.

-Stephen Brown III (@sbtrey23)

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