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New Mexico State Baseball Scores 62 Runs In One Day

Certainly Don’t See This Every Day…

How do you win mostly any sport?  Simple, you score more than the other team.  But New Mexico State baseball did that and then a lot more.  It wasn’t quite the performance Bridgewater State put up on Newbury College back in 2007 when the Bears beat the Nighthawks 57-1, but close.  Bridgewater State’s 56 run victory is still an NCAA record for margin of victory and runs in a game.  However; the Aggies still put a good ole fashion lickin’ on Texas Southern.

New Mexico State had a day/night double header with the Tigers.  The first game, an easy 24-8 win for the Aggies.  Game two, a massive 38-6 blowout.  In total, a 62-14 combined score.

New Mexico State

Full box score from game one.

New Mexico State

Full box score from game two.

Hit after hit and error after error, the Aggies were relentless.  Their game two 32 run blowout was the fourth largest in division one baseball history.  And even though the Tigers made 11 errors in the second game and 13 overall, it doesn’t help when you shut out the Aggies in only two innings.  Still, it’s an amazing feat to see a team score 62 runs in two games.  At the division one level mind you.  Even more impressive, the Aggies have scored at least 15 runs in every single game this season.  But when you do have scores like these, you might get a bigger target on your back.  And even though it’s extremely early in the season, you can’t know for certain if New Mexico State is really that good.  We’ll just have to wait and see when they get into the meat of the WAC schedule to see if they’re actually a contender, or a pretender.

– Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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