Should Lebron Be Deducted All-Time Points For Crying Last Night After Passing MJ?

Last night LeBron James moved into fourth place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list, passing Michael Jordan. We can all admit this is a tremendous accomplishment, regardless of your feeling of him.

Even though LeBron has been a mega-douche all season, even he knows you can’t go on your phone mid-game to congratulate yourself on twitter for moving into 4th place on a scoring list. So instead he did it before the game. You know, before he actually broke the record…….



But hey, maybe the moment he surpasses MJ will be glorious, how is he supposed to know, this is was from Nostradamus-James. I’m sure the basket will be an important one to the game, helping the Lakers to a win.

What’s that? The Lakers Lost? And they were down 17 at the time of the basket? Yeesh……..

Well, since they were down by so much I’m sure he was very casual about it. He is after all, more about the team than personal accolades. Right? Right?

I’m sure his camp had absolutely no hand in the production of that tribute video. Or for that matter the fact that they played it in game, again down by a lot of points.

Just in case you couldn’t stomach watching all that artificial patting on the back and missed Lebron CRYING ON THE BENCH DURING THE GAME, here you go;

C’mon! That’s got to be minus 2,000 points right there doesn’t it? It wasn’t even halftime yet and he’s already got the waterworks going. This is the player kids are looking up to today. Crying because of personal records. Unfazed by the success, or lack thereof the team. Lest we forget that the Lakers went on to lose this game by 16-points. It should also not be lost on us that he is sitting alone for this momentous occasion, crying. It speaks volumes to the whole situation.

Therefore I am proposing a deduction in points to removes Lebron from the top-4 in scoring, not because we cant stand what a donkey Lebron has been, especially this season, but for the kids. We need role models who put the team success above personal success.

-Dillon Leary


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