Black Eyed Gordon Hayward Is Taking The Celtics To The Finals

That’s right people Gordon Hayward is back, but this time with a black eye. We do not know how he received this black eye, but who cares? Black-eyed Gordon Hayward can do no wrong.

In Tuesday nights game in Oakland, Hayward went off for 30 points. Not only did he pour in 30 points, but he went 12-16 from the field and grabbed 7 rebounds. The man was all over the court and he only needed 28 minutes to post these numbers. What a monster performance and a much needed Celtics win.

To make things even better, last night Gordo hit the game-winning shot with just two seconds left on the clock against the Kings.

For the night Hayward went 6-10 from the field. Right when Hayward grabbed the basketball, he knew he was going to hit the game-winning shot. The Celtics are now on a two-game win streak and will look to make it three against the Lakers, Saturday night.

I don’t care how it happens or who gives it to him, but Gordon Hayward needs to have a black eye for the remainder of the season. I’m sure Marcus Smart doesn’t mind throwing a few punches now and then. Black Eyed Hayward is just a different person that the Celtics need down the stretch.

Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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