Anthony Davis Says the Celtics Are On His List

Wow, it’s almost like everything I’ve been saying the last few weeks about AD was… right? That’s weird.

Anyone who didn’t see this coming needs to get their head checked. Of course Rich Paul, AD’s agent, was going to create a false narrative that wrote off the Celtics before the trade deadline. Because HIS preferred destination for AD was the Lakers. I’m sure Davis would’ve been cool with it too, but the narrative that he wouldn’t play in Boston wasn’t driven by him. It was driven by Paul and his business partner, LeBron James.

The only way Paul could’ve got Davis to LA was by trying to get Boston out of the picture first, and it had to happen before the trade deadline. They knew the Celtics could top any package that LA put together, but couldn’t pull the trigger until Kyrie re-signs this Summer. Now that the smoke has settled on the deadline, the Lakers don’t stand a chance in a bidding war with Danny Ainge. Anthony Davis will be a Boston Celtic in a few months, you have my guarantee.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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