Should Cam Newton Be The Starting Quarterback?

It’s been quite the 24 hours for Cam Newton and Patriots fans. Last week, Mac Jones was put into the spotlight of being questioned if he should be the starting quarterback. Today, it’s all about Cam Newton. As we all know, Newton is currently at home. Incase you missed it, Newton had a medical appointment outside of the New England area and it was approved by the Patriots. But, since he is unvaccinated agaisnt Covid, he now has to isolate for five days and test negative everyday. Could this affect his starting quarterback status? Only time will tell. Should Cam Newton be the starting quaterback? Let’s review his preseason and see if he has done enough to be named the week one starter.

Week one vs Washington

Cam didn’t see much action in the preseason opener against Washington. But, with the limited action he did see, he looked good. It wasn’t great, but he did what he needed to do. Newton went 4/7 for 49 yards and averaged seven yards per throw. It wasn’t an easy start for Newton either. Offensive tackle Isaiah Wynn let Chase Young run right at Newton basically. Because of Wynn’s horrible blocking, Newton took a big hit from Young. Thankfully, there was no turnover on the play when there easily could have. The common theme for Newton was to get the ball out quickly because of Wynn’s horrible blocking.

Week two at Philadelphia

After a good week of practice against the Eagles, Cam took center stage in Philadelphia. This was the most comfortable Cam has looked in the pocket ever since signing with New England. He took his time with his throws, which improved his accuracy. Yes, Cam Newton can throw accurate throws over five yards. In this game, Newton went 8/9 for 103 yards and a touchdown. He averaged 11.4 yards per throw. Cam majorly improved from the first preseason game to the second preseason game.

Has Cam done enough?

There’s still one more preseason game to be played. Plus, it is unknown if Cam will even play due to him missing practice this week. Overall, yes, Cam should be the week one starter. He knows the system, he has NFL experience and he has shown major improvement from last season. Now that Cam has a real offense, he’s got a chance to show what he can really do. Don’t cry foul if he ends up winning the starting job Patriots fans. Just be happy that this year the team has not one but two quarterbacks that are capable of winning games this season.

Headline image from: ny1.com

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