Should Mac Jones Be The Starting Quarterback?

With last night’s 35-0 blowout victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, week two of the preseason is over for the Patriots. Now, as they look to their week three matchup against the New York Giants, there are still questions that need answers. The big one of course is, who will start at quarterback? Both Cam Newton and Mac Jones have looked good so far this preseason. But, just to make life eaiser, let’s just focus on Mac Jones today. Cam Newton will also get this special treatment next week, so don’t worry Cam fans! So, should Mac Jones be the starting quarterback? Let’s discuss!

Week one vs Washington

Well, he started his career with a completion to Kristian Wilkerson for a first down! That’s good! In his first game, Jones didn’t disappoint. After a slow start at camp, Jones has built momentum and is continuing the get better. It showed in the first preseason game against the Washington Football Team. In his much anticipated debut, Jones went 13-19 for 87 yards. He showed off his arm strength and his pocket awareness. All things a rookie quarterback should show in their first NFL game. On top of that, he should have a touchdown pass as well. But… Kristian Wilkerson forgot how to catch. This ball thrown by Mac was perfect.

Overall, in his first game, Mac looked good. There’s no argument against that. But, how would Mac look on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles?

Week two at Philadelphia

Mac picked up right where he left off. Even during the joint practices this week with the Eagles Mac impressed everyone. After an ugly interception where he was targeting tight end Devin Asiasi Jones responded with 11 straight completions. The momentum he gained from the joint practices carried over to last night’s time. Jones went 13-19 for 146 yards. His throws had zip on them and again showed off his arm strength. Again, he should of had a touchdown but N’Keal Harry couldn’t bring in the ball.

Overall, in this game Mac showed improvement. He should have long touchdown passes, but we’ll let that slide. Some of the throws Mac was making looked real good. The only concern though is the knee brace. Mac had to slide after scrambling last night and was slow to get up. That’s something to keep an eye on.

Final thoughts

So, should Mac Jones be the starting quarterback? We’ll have to wait and see how he looks after the Patriots week three matchup against the Giants. It would be best if he didn’t just quite yet, but in the futue he should be the starting quarterback. But, he should continue to build relationships with Nelson Agholor and Jakobi Meyers. To throw in a guess, if he gets to start for majority of the season, Mac should throw atleast 15 touchdowns.

Headline image from: sportingnews.com

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-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 

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