Shaq Was Ready To Smack Charles Barkley Around Last Night on Live TV

I love NBA on TNT, man. I really do. They’re by far and away the best pregame, half time and postgame show out there across all four major sports. They get it. They’re authentic, they screw around and it’s a wicked fun atmosphere. Part of that too has always been Chuck and Shaq going at each other. It’s the best. They’re legit brothers who just want to whoop each other every single night.

Last night though, man. Last night Shaq was ready to toss his metal cup at Chuck’s head and honestly, it would have been electric.


Honestly, he should have just done it. Like, what are we doing here? Their ratings are probably already huge because everyone loves them. But if you have the opportunity to physically assault one of your co-hosts and get away with it, you kind of have to do it, right? And I doubt Chuck would have cared. He would have gotten it. He and Shaq give each other so much crap that eventually you knew one of them was going to snap.

Chuck vs Shaq in Barstool’s Rough N’ Rowdy would be all-time. They’d be gassed after 15 seconds of swinging and they’d probably faint before anyone lands a legit punch but it would still be the best thing the sport of boxing has ever seen.

NBA on TNT remains undefeated.

Oh, and by the way. That fart was one-million percent Chuck.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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