Sabres Fans, Be Ready

Buffalo Sabres fans have been through enough. The Sabres have not made the playoffs for 10 years, they lost some key franchise players and are going through another rebuild. Back in 2013, us Sabres fans thought it was going to be the only rebuild. Buffalo landed Jack Eichel, a generational talent and it looks like he won’t be here in the future. In this article, I’m going to give Sabres fans what they should expect during another rebuild.

Be Patient…Again

Buffalo is burning. The desperate Sabres need some of that Bills magic to rub off | The Star

The picture above describes the last decade of Buffalo Sabres hockey. As a diehard fan, it’s been really hard to watch them for the last few years. My message to fans has been said to them for a long time, be patient. Yes, I’m tired of hearing it but it’s the truth. The Buffalo fanbase went through 17 years of no playoffs with the Bills. Once they made it, it was an amazing feeling and once the Sabres make it, whenever that might be, the last 10 years and counting will be a thing of the past. Even though the next few years might be rough, it seems like general manager Kevyn Adams is trying to do the rebuild the right way.

Don’t Expect A lot of Wins

Buffalo Sabres now have the saddest streak in sports

This is obvious but don’t expect the Sabres to win a lot of games. Buffalo’s goaltending tandem contains of Craig Anderson and Aaron Dell. No disrespect to either goaltender, but don’t expect the Sabres to win a lot of games with those two in net. While Anderson has been in the league for awhile now, he’s not going to steal the show, especially with the team he has in front of him. The same can be said for Dell as well.

Get Used to the Players on the Ice

What would be considered a successful season for the Sabres?

Let’s wrap this article up on a good note. The majority of the players who will be playing this season are going to be cornerstones of the franchise going forward. These names include Dylan Cozens, Casey Mittelstadt, Jeff Skinner, Tage Thompson, Victor Olofsson, Anders Bjork, Rasmus Dahlin and more. Not to mention they have some prospects including the first overall pick during this year’s draft Owen Power. Kevyn Adams said don’t expect a lot of free agents to be signed by the team who are big names because he wanted the younger players to have more experience.

Final Thoughts

Even though this team is going to be experiencing another rebuild, we Sabres fans need to be patient. Like I mentioned, we’ve been told that many times in the past and it hasn’t worked out. However, when it’s all set and done, I think this rebuild will go a lot better than the last one. This city is great when the Sabres are good and I know Buffalo fans will stick by this team no matter what but we just need to wait. We can do this Buffalo, believe in Kevyn Adams.

-Zach Jezioro (@ZJezioro_13 on Twitter)

(Featured image credit to USA Today).

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