Russell Westbrook Traded To Washington For John Wall

Tonight, we had a much anticipated Woj bomb that has dramatically changed the landscape of the NBA.  The Houston Rockets did what most predicted, trade Russell Westbrook.  But to a somewhat surprise it was to the Washington Wizards for John Wall and a future first round pick.  So with Westbrook gone to Washington and Wall heading down to Houston, where does this leave Houston in search for a title?

The first question being asked is, who got better?  I think that Houston got better.  Even though Westbrook and Wall are similar players, I think I would rather have Wall.  I think Wall can compliment Harden more than what Westbrook did.  The difference better Wall and Westbrook is that Wall doesn’t need to stat pad and score.  Does it help if he does?  Of course, but it’s not a make or break for him.  However, with Westbrook teams still think he can score whenever he wants… he can’t.  That’s Harden’s job and I think Wall can compliment that nicer than what Westbrook did.

But, is this deal enough to keep Harden happy in Houston?  That is the next big NBA trade waiting to happen.  I don’t think Harden wants to be in Houston.  But with this Wall trade it does seem like the team is trending upwards, and with the addition of DeMarcus Cousins this can be a pretty scary team.  I mean Harden, Wall, Cousins, and Gordon is a scary team to face.  But the thing is no one besides Harden knows how he’s feeling.  This guy could have his mind already made up that he is done with Houston and doesn’t even want to try this with Wall and Cousins.  To which, you would have to respect and just move forward.  But this trade doesn’t seem like a rebuilding effort.  This feels like a “let’s give it a few more years and just see what we can do.”  I really do believe the Rockets can win a title with Harden, and if they can get Wall and Cousins healthy then this might actually be the year they get it done.

-John (Uncle_Mac4)

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