Roman Reigns Returned to RAW And Dropped A Little Update For the Fans

Last October, Roman Reigns took a leave of absence and vacated his WWE Universal Championship to fight a pre-existing case of leukemia. Well, tonight, he shocked the world in making the announcement that he is in remission, and The Big Dog is back.

For the time being, Roman Reigns has beat cancer.

Fans were yelling “Wrestlemania!” which he acknowledged by smiling and saying “alright, alright, we’ll get to that later. Let’s crawl before we can walk and walk before we can run.”

As he made his exit up the ramp, he was joined by his Shield-brother Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose didn’t join the pair, as he was reported to be extremely emotional backstage.

Later in the show, he laid into Drew McIntyre with a spear, who was beating down Ambrose with the help of Bobby Lashley, Elias, and Baron Corbin. This seemed to tease yet ANOTHER Shield reunion, which would make it roughly the 4th time the group has reunited. Likely due to Dean Ambrose leaving after Wrestlemania.

Check out the video below of Roman giving his update. That pop is going to be remembered for some time.


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