The Celtics Will Beat The Raptors Tonight Because Nobody Understands Them

The Boston Celtics have a huge road test tonight when they take on the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors enter the night as the number two seed in the Eastern Conference, and they’ll probably be the number two seed going into the playoffs. A lot of people will take the Raptors to win the game outright. But you know what? The Celtics are winning this game tonight. I’m going to say it again, *clears throat*, THE CELTICS ARE WINNING THIS GAME TONIGHT!

The Offense is Actually Playing Very Well Lately

The Celtics have been finding their rhythm on offense over the past few months. In fact, the Eastern Conference has been put on notice about how well the Celtics offense is currently playing.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: this Celtics team is a good team. Sure, they’ve had some very bad losses this season. But, what team doesn’t have a bad loss or two throughout the year? The offense is clicking and a guy like Al Horford is helping out the cause big time. When Horford is playing well, this team goes into another gear that the rest of the NBA should be fully aware of.

The Celtics Will Be Focusing On Their Transition Defense

The old saying goes that offense wins games and defense wins championships (just ask the Patriots). The Celtics realize that tonight, they need to do extremely well in running back on defense to stop Toronto in transition.

The Celtics cannot afford having players like Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry getting easy baskets in transition. If the Celtics are going to lose, they might as well challenge those guys to make set and off-balance shots as opposed to getting easy baskets in transition.

In Conclusion

Crazier things have happened! Remember, the Celtics lost to the number one seeded Bucks last week on the road by a point. They also didn’t shoot well at all and had no Gordon Hayward that game. The Celtics can beat the Raptors and with everything that has happened this season; it wouldn’t surprise me if they pulled off the improbable road win. Will they rise up to the challenge?

Only time will tell, but I’m confident they will!

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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