Details Are Coming Out and Things Don’t Look Good for Bob Kraft


Bobby Kraft is in some real hot water, huh?

If you didn’t already know (which is impossible), Patriots owner Robert Kraft is among 25 men being charged with soliciting prostitution at a massage parlor in Florida. Charges against the 77-year old billionaire were made public earlier today, and all I can say is yikes. According to the report, Kraft is on camera at the spa on the same day of the AFC Championship Game and the day prior. Cameras caught Kraft walking in the front door and paying at the register for a massage. He was then seen in the act of, you know, receiving sexual favors. Once that concluded, Kraft is again on video handing the masseuse (prostitute?) $100 for her services. Not great. In Florida, first offense solicitation is considered a first-degree misdemeanor. Kraft’s court date is set for April 24th, he is not required to attend. There’s no denying the fact that this is an embarrassing look for not only the Kraft family, but the Patriots organization in it’s entirety. Prostitution is obviously extremely illegal and frowned upon almost anywhere you go. But in my personal opinion, Kraft will see his day in court, so this shouldn’t have any effect on the Patriots. Although, part of me has a feeling it just might based on how stupid this league is. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The good news? Tommy Brady has his owner’s back no matter what:


-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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