Rick Pitino is OUT at Louisville

After yesterday’s allegations, this should come to shock nobody, but Rick Pitino is officially out at Louisville. He and athletic director Tom Jurich have both been put on administrative leave effective immediately.

So while the two aren’t technically “fired” yet, this is just a prelude for what is to come in the next few days. Pitino and Jurich have yet to be listed by name in any of the FBI’s findings, so the school technically have no cause to fire. They have to be given at least 10 days notice for an unjust firing, otherwise, the school would owe them money.

Louisville is going to get axed by the NCAA as more information is released, and Pitino’s legacy as a historic college basketball coach is completely tarnished. I can’t help but laugh watching this all blow up in his face.

The sad part about all of this, however, is that this is only the beginning. More and more schools are going to get blown up by the FBI, and I can only imagine that more shoe companies will be as well. Adidas can’t be the only one that was doing this. Competitors like Nike and Under Armour, who certainly have more money to offer, could very well be taking part in a similar sort of scheme. Expect to see more of this investigation begin to unravel in the coming days.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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