Red Sox Still In On Craig Kimbrel…What Are We Waiting For?

The Red Sox continue to play this cat and mouse game for All-star closer Craig Kimbrel. Maybe they’ll sign him, maybe they won’t, maybe they’ll tease Red Sox fans more, who knows what’s going on?!

Just when Red Sox fans like myself start to accept that Kimbrel is pretty much gone, these tweets just pop up from the clouds!

The Numbers Back Up Kimbrel

The moronic thing to think about is that there are fans that are disappointed by this. Are you nuts?! Kimbrel has 108 saves in 3 seasons with the Red Sox, a career 2.52 ERA, and was an All-star in every season that he has been the closer in Boston.

Now, there are some people that like to be concerned with the team’s money problems with luxury tax and what not. I am not one of those fans. However, some fans love those sort of logistics. One move that was interesting by the Red Sox is when they signed Jenrry Mejia to a Minor League deal.

What’s Going On?

Like…..what are we doing here? Oh, let’s not sign an All-star caliber closer back with us. Let’s bring on a guy that has been suspended three times by the MLB for PED’s. GREAT MOVE RED SOX!!

This is just getting insane. If the Red Sox are smart, they get their closer back on a short term deal. You don’t have to bring out the brinks trucks, (shoutout Isaiah Thomas!) but give Kimbrel a fair deal. Give Kimbrel a 4 year deal for about 72 million, 18 million a year, and an opt-out after his second year. That will fix your closer issue and keeps Ryan Brasier and Matt Barnes as your 7th and 8th inning set-up men.

In Conclusion

Get me to the season please! Steve Perrault, back me up here!

April cannot come soon enough! (After the Super Bowl on Sunday of course!)

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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