Super Bowl 53 prop bets

With the Super Bowl inching closer, gamblers around the country are getting ready to break open the checkbooks and scream at the T.V. for issues that aren’t directly coorilated to the game. Yes my friends, the Super Bowl is a gambler’s dream. You are no longer limited in betting on just the outcome of the game, for prop bets are a fun way to keep everyone entertained.

For those of you who have somehow grown sick of the Patriots being in the Super Bowl, don’t like football, or don’t want to slide all your money on just the outcome of the game, let’s break down a couple of this year’s top prop bets.

*all odds based on Bovada*

National Anthem

Over 1 minute 47 seconds (-175)

Under 1 minute 47 seconds (+135)

Are you kidding me? Give me the over. I don’t know much about Gladys Knight, but a quick google shows me she is a seven-time Grammy award winner, which absolutely means she’s going to milk out the National Anthem. I’m actually weirdly passionate about this one because I HATE when artists try to make the anthem their own and end up butchering it. Fergie, you’re still a traitor to this country for what you did during the NBA All-Star game last year.

Anyone who sits on a stool to perform will take at least 2-minutes to sing a 30 second song

Coin Toss

Heads (-105)

Tails (+105)

Tails never FAils!!!! Shut up. If you’re the type of person who says that before every coin flip you probably wipe sitting down. In Super Bowl history yes it has been tails 27 times and heads 25 times. That means this year it’s coming up heads. Also heads is what Matthew Slater called to get the Patriots the ball in OT against the Chiefs, so it’s rolling hot.

How Many Plays Will Tony Romo predict Correctly Right Before It Happens

Over 7.5 (-110)

Under 7.5 (-130)

Romo’s wizardry was on full display in the AFC championship game, and it nearly set the world on fire. Frankly, I’m torn on this one. I probably wouldn’t touch this one but if I were, I’d take the over. The guy is hot right now for the first time in his career and he knows it. He’ll probably get a few easy ones that count towards the total so I feel like the over is safe.

How Many Times Will They Show Ted Rath Holding Back Sean McVay

Over 1.5 (-140)

Under 1.5 (Even)

This one might be my favorite because it shows the absurdity of prop bets. Ted Rath is the Rams “get back coach”. His job is to literally hold the head coach back from wandering too far out onto the field. McVay is a young, energetic coach in the biggest game of his career. He will definitely be shown several times grasping McVay by the hips to guide him back to the sideline. Over.

How Many Times Will the Broadcast Team Mention Sean McVay’s age

Over 1.5 (-270)

Under 1.5 (+180)

This might be the safest bet of them all. For those of you who don’t know, it’s over. They love to remind us all the Sean McVay is only 33 years old. It will be shoved down your throat subtlely and not subtlely at all. My guess is they will say it somewhere around five times. I actually can’t believe they set the line so low.

Jersey Number Of First Touchdown Scorer

Over 26.5 (-140)

Under 26.5 (Even)

Here’s how I picture this game starting off; Rams receive the kick because the Patriots win the coin toss (which to reiterate will) and differ. The Rams will pick up maybe one first down before punting. Then the Patriots will do exactly what they did against the Chiefs. They’ll drive right down field pounding the rock on the ground. Picking up back-breaking third downs. Then to cap it off Sony Michel will bulldoze his way into the end zone behind a great lead block by my man James Develin. Michel wears 26. Take the under.

I very carefully chose to do these six prop bets. I mean it’s the Blitz For Six. But, out of the kindness of my heart let’s do one bonus one because I had a hard time omitting it from this list.

Will Billy McFarland Be Caught Selling Counterfeit Super Bowl Tickets

Yes (+2500)

No (-10000)

First off, do your homework for this one and watch the documentary about the Fyre festival on Netflix. Ok, so now you watched it and you want to bet no right? Like there is no way anyone could be dumb enough to try this after doing all that and while being under Federal investigation. Well, Billy just might. That dude is truly a sociopath. An important note to keep in mind is he must be caught by February 28th.

Have fun with these folks, make some money but don’t get carried away.

Dillon Leary

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