Red Sox select Marcelo Mayer with #4 overall pick in the MLB Draft

The MLB draft has come and gone. The Boston Red Sox picked fourth last night in the 2021 draft. No, unfortunately Red Sox fans, it wasn’t Jack Leiter! He went to the Texas Rangers at number two. Instead, the Red Sox selected Marcelo Mayer with the #4 overall pick.

So who exactly is Marcelo Mayer and what can he contribute to the Red Sox? Let’s break it down.

Who is Marcelo Mayer?

Mayer is an 18 year old shortstop from Chula Vista, California. The 6’3 190 pound shortstop was committed to play baseball at USC. He has natural raw power and a beautiful swing from the left hand side. He hit .392 his senior year at Eastlake High School with 14 homeruns. A lot of people had Mayer as the number one pick to the Pirates, before they shocked everyone and took Henry Davis. Mayer is a prospect anybody would love to have in their farm system.

What Does This Mean for Xander Bogaerts?

Could this mean the end for Xander Bogaerts in a Red Sox uniform when his contract is up? Maybe! This is a situation to closely monitor. Bogaerts can opt out of his current deal in 2023. If that happens, could the Red Sox let him walk? That depends how far along Mayer is in his progress through the minor leagues. So for now Red Sox fans, I suggest you enjoy your time with Bogaerts while you have him.

How did the Red Sox do with Drafting Marcelo Mayer?

A+ pick here! To get the number one rated prospect at four is an absolute STEAL! Sure, I wanted Jack Leiter and I think a lot of other people did too. But hey Red Sox fans, get to know this name. Because he is going to be an absolute stud (hopefully!) when it’s all said and done!

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~Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 On Twitter)

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