Five Rookies you should draft in your Fantasy Football Draft

The best time of the year is almost upon us, football season. It is almost here and there is nothing better than watching your team play on Sunday while also watching the NFL red zone to see how your fantasy team is doing. Fantasy football has become more and more popular each year, so I’m here to give you 5 rookies who will have a major impact in fantasy this season.

#5Travis Etienne

Coming in at the five spot I have Jacksonville’s new running back, Travis Etienne. When you look for value at the running back spot in fantasy you want someone who can do it all. That’s exactly what Travis can offer: he runs hard to get the tough yards, which aids in gaining touchdowns, and is also a weapon out of the back field. When you look at this young Jacksonville team, running the ball will be important to helping Trevor Lawrence and relieving some pressure from him. I believe Travis Etienne can average anywhere between 16 to 18 fantasy points per week. Draft him and thank me later.

#4: Kyle Pitts

Coming in at the four spot is Kyle Pitts. He’s the newly talented tight end for the Atlanta Falcons. Anyone who plays fantasy football knows how important the tight end position can be for your team and how those points from the tight end spot can make or break a week. Drafting Pitts is a no-brainer for any league you’re in. This kid is a freak athlete who has all the makings to be a Travis Kelce type tight end. Matt Ryan is still good enough and the Falcons have enough around Pitts where he will get favorable matchups and be effective. I think he will average anywhere from 15 to 20 per week. The Falcons always put up points and he will be a huge part of that.

#3Elijah Moore

At the three spot, I have a surprise pick, but this kid is going to be special and explosive in the league. At the three spots I have New York Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore. This kid was a special player in college and showed he can do it all with his speed, size,and explosiveness. The Jets have been lacking good quarterback play, but with Zac Wilson and some of the off-season moves they made at wide receiver I see Elijah Moore being a very sneaky good fantasy player this season. You can play him outside, inside, slot, this guy is special and will be a sneaky surprise. I personally took him in my fantasy dynasty league, so I’ll be rooting for him to excel. I see him averaging 12 to 14 a week with the potential for those 20 plus points each week.

#2: Ja’marr Chase

At my number two spot is the Bengals’ new wide receiver Ja’marr Chase. Chase will be the next wide receiver to come out of college and become a superstar. He has the ability to go up, make tough catches, and has the speed to beat you over the top. He is also being reunited with Joe Burrow who he previously broke records with and also won a national championship with. I fully expect Chase to become a top five fantasy wide receiver by the end of the year. My prediction for him is 16 to 20 points a week. This kid is a stud and the Bengals seem to always pass because they have a trash running game!

#1 Najee Harris

Last but not least, to round out my top 5 fantasy football rookies, is Steelers running back Najee Harris. We saw Harris in college dominate at the SEC and college football. He is fast, big, runs over people, and can catch the ball out of the back field. What did the Steelers lack last year? A solid running game. Harris fills that gap for them and he is going to get 20 plus touches a game and be a beast of a running back for future years. I expect him to average 18 to 22 points a game. It’s simple, running backs win in the league and this is a guy you will want on your team!

Final Thoughts:

My final thoughts are simply this. These are five fantasy football rookies who I believe can help your fantasy team succeed and also get value with the picks. Best of luck to all fantasy players this year! Be sure to stay tuned for Burnie and Chris podcast as we will be running a fantasy league this fall. Until then, enjoy the summer and go G-men.

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  • Chris Addorisio (@Addorisio19 on Twitter)
  • Featured image: Matthew Freedom

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