Red Sox Ownership Is To Blame

It is no secret that the Red Sox’s recent struggles have put every Sox fan on edge and even to the point of jumping off the bandwagon. With blame getting placed all around, rightfully so, it’s time, to be honest about who is really to blame for this. The Red Sox ownership is who you can blame here!

Red Sox Ownership Is To Blame

The current Red Sox ownership group is a mixed bag of me liking some and despising others. John Henry can get fired into the sun, and I can not stand this dweeb. He cares about one thing and one thing only, money. He shoves down our throat that we had to get rid of Mookie to get back under the Luxury tax so it can reset, and then we can go back over it; well, that clearly didn’t happen.

I like Bloom, I do. I think he has a good sense to find those diamonds in the rough guys that small-market teams need to do in order to stay competitive with the big-market teams. The issue? Boston is NOT a small market team. Well, in Boston, you don’t. When you have the opportunity to spend money or make a big trade, you can do it! While it’s always great to find value in the constantly overlooked guys, it can be a trap to always be in that mindset and always have to do it.

Ownership DID NOT Build This Team

One of Couch Guy’s great podcasts, Around the Diamond Podcast, came at me in response to one of my tweets saying:

They responded with a simple: “Right, they only built this team.” Good point. But wrong.

The core of this team, the leading players that we need to be playing well in order for us to be successful, Bogaerts, Devers, JD, Sale, Eovaldi, to name a few. None of which Bloom has his fingerprints on. Before you go to the “oh well, John Henry was here when those guys came in or were drafted” again, fair point. But Henry has very little to do with drafting; he just approves on the money spent on said players, which is up to the President of Baseball Operations. Sale was brought here via trade. Eovaldi and JD were signings. Who signed them? Dave Dombrowski.

Who Did This Group Bring In?

Who exactly did this group bring in?

Kike Hernandez: .249 AVG. 15 Home Runs, 43 RBI’s 3.8 WAR. Good signing. I like it, but for a role player, not a difference-maker

Alex Verdugo: .278 AVG. 11 Home Runs, 41 RBI’s 1.8 WAR. Verdugo is probably the most of a difference-maker of the group, and I love that he is on the team. Unfortunetly, one player with a bunch of role players, can win you many games (I.E., Mike Trout and the Angles)

Marwin Gonzalez: .202 AVG. 2 home runs, 20 RBI’s -.03 WAR. I did like this signing; I thought it would be another great role-player signing. Again, role player, not difference-maker.

Hunter Renfroe: .253 AVG. 19 home runs, 67 RBI’s 1.5 WAR. Great signing. He is playing above expectations and will be in serious discussions for a Gold Glove this year. He does make a difference, so I won’t discount what he is doing.

Kyle Schwarber: .253 AVG. 25 home runs, 53 RBI’s. 2.0 WAR. I like this move a lot and agree he should be a helping hand. The fact that they are trying to teach this guy First Base as he is coming off a hamstring and groin injury is concerning. He is active for his first game since July 2nd. I hope he comes in finds a way to stay healthy and on the field.

Franchy Cordero: I’m not doing this. It’s not even worth it.

Garrett Richards: See statement above

Nick Pivetta and Garrett Whitlock will be great pieces with more prominent roles next year. Just not huge pieces this year. I don’t want to leave them out, though.


Ownership is to blame, period. They had the opportunity to make a significant difference to a team with a few holes. The players themselves did a fantastic job covering them up by playing exceptionally well. They bought into what Alex Cora was saying and played out of their minds, but all knew they were missing a piece or two. What the Nerds running these MLB teams now don’t understand is these guys are not numbers. They are not robots. They are human. The guys upstairs do not, and will not, understand how the lack of moves can absolutely demolish a club’s morale.

Ownership sent a clear and deliberate signal to this team. You are not good enough. Thanks for all your work and extra money in our pocket but we are good. Thanks for all you have done for us, but we just aren’t up to helping you. Ownership viewed first base as a weakness, so instead of giving up prospects like Thaddeus Ward, Ronaldo Hernandez, OR Matthew Lugo to get Anthony Rizzo, they decided to get Schwarber and teach him how to play first base.

Yikes. This is precisely how that phone call went with Schwarber. Again like infield guru Ron Washington just said, “It is incredibly hard” to learn how to play first. So again, when this team goes on a run, DON’T thank Red Sox ownership…blame them.

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-Kevin Perdios (@kperdios15 on Twitter) 


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