Manchester United Fans Should Be Excited This Season!

The Premier League is back in full mode and Manchester United fans, it’s time to get excited for this year.

During the offseason, the Red Devils were heavily involved in the free agency market and made moves necessary to booster this lineup. Let’s look at each piece of this team and why the excitement is real this season.

Ole Boosts The Defense For United!

Man Utd nearing Raphael Varane transfer: Fan Reactions

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At the start of the season, rumors floated largely linking the English team to make a move for Kieran Trippier. However, the move was not made but can be made come October.

As the transfer window continued though, the Red Devils got to see a boost in confidence on their captain, Harry Maguire as he performed strongly for England during the Euro 2020 competition. In addition, United added Raphael Varane, a huge need for this defense.

Now United’s defense consists of two young and tough wingmen in Shaw and Wan-Bissaka. In the Center-Back position, they have strengthen by adding Varane which will make the duo of Maguire and Varane a difficult challenge to cope with for many offenses in this league.

Creative Piece Addition Brings Excitement to United!

As a United fan, here is where the excitement goes to a whole new-level.

Manchester United fans last year got to experience what Bruno Fernandes can do offensively for this team. The one thing this team was missing though, was an additional creative piece in the midfield. While Marcus Rashford brought quickness to the left wing, and Mason Greenwood brought a threat upfront, the lack of creativity almost caught on to United and therefore a problem that needed to be addressed this year.

Now, United have added the services of long-time target, Jadon Sancho. What does Sancho offer to this team? Sancho offers his quickness, incredible technicality, creativity and a pivotal threat to the opposition! Anytime that a player brings this to a team, it immediately portrays on the field as if that team lined up in a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 formation. Oh, and don’t forget to add Paul Pogba into this mix.

Man United in Pidgin on Twitter: "Manchester United don upgrade from: Old  Cargo (under Mourinho): 1. Perisic 2. Lukaku 3. Willian 4. Sanchez 5.  Felliani To (under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer): 1. Jadon

How Will Ole Manage This Year?

As a United fan, this is the one question that leaves a lot to wonder.

Surely, last season Ole tried one too-many formations that at times irked fans and forced many to question his abilities. However, this is a completely different team this year. A team with a lot of creative power in its middle, a strong and youthful core, and one that can make decisions quickly which will be needed this year.

The one leg up that this team has against some of the top 4 teams this year like City and Chelsea is simple. How will those defenses control the attack when 3-out-5 pieces are all creative and can alter the attack at a moment’s notice?

For Ole, it will be of the utmost importance to change formation this year into something that brings this team’s abilities right upfront. As I mentioned earlier, perhaps a 4-3-3 formation or a 4-4-2 will fit this team best!

For United fans, the message is simple. Trust this team!

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~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter). 


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