Red Sox Opening Day Starter

Red Sox officially named their “Opening Day” starter for the 2020 season. Nasty Nate officially has the ball game one. That’s right, Nathan Evoldi is your 2020 Red Sox opening day starter. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise as Chris Sale is done for the year with Tommy John surgery and Eduardo Rodriguez on the shelf recovering from Corona. 

How Do I Feel About This

I’ll start by saying that it is no secret that the Sox rotation is a dumpster fire at the moment. With that being said tho, it is filled with guys who have a ton of potential. Don’t forget when Eovaldi first got here in 2018; he was dominating. That same potential is there even more so now with it only be a 60 game season. If he can get back on the mound and continue that success, he found in 2018, watch out. I expect Nasty Nate to show up and dominate. So, in short, I have no problem with this at all.

Eduardo Rodriguez update

E-Rod just got cleared today to return to playing with the team. This is a huge step. Having E-Rod back before the season starts is a bonus. E-Rod has a huge role to fill this year, and this year is a giant test for him. He was lights out last year and posted a 3.81 ERA while going 19-6. He has shown significant improvement each year, and I fully expect that to continue this year. Eddy is a stud. I am a huge fan of him and have the utmost confidence in him.


Don’t sleep on this Red Sox staff just yet. If you get a healthy E-Rod and Eovaldi, that is a huge game-changer. If both guys make 20 starts and can win 12-15 games, all of a sudden you are looking at the Sox being .500 with just those two alone. Jump on the bandwagon now guy because it’s going to be a hell of a ride. It’s time for some baseball! LET’S GO!!!!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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