Red Sox Have A Plan In Next Years Free Agency Pool

I am not going to bring up the bad memories of the Red Sox trading Mookie Betts this offseason. It just too much to bear at this point with everything going on. If you are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, go read Al Nahigian’s post on how Mookie Betts is coming back to the Red Sox, hopefully.

If that plan fails, there is a pretty good backup plan still in play. That backup plan is George Springer. Springer is one of the games best outfielders and would help fill the void in the lineup left by Mookie. He is consistently hitting between .270 and .280 with 25-30 home runs. I’d give you his stats from the last couple of years. But, I don’t trust them because, you know; the Astros are cheaters. So, I am taking them with a grain of salt, but still pretty impressive numbers.

He is a very good defensive outfielder with only making 1 error last year on over 200 attempts. While he spends most of his time in Center Field, he also sees playing time in right with just under 60 games played there last year. Not to mention Springer is used to playing in the cold weather as he played his college ball at UConn.

Now, I am not saying Springer is better than Betts. But what I am saying is that with the prospects we got from the Betts deal and then add Springer into the mix that is a pretty good 2021 lineup the Red Sox have a chance to be rolling out. Plan A is definitely to bring Mookie back, but if that fails, Plan B and adding Springer is not a bad replacement at all.

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-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 


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