Will Mookie Betts be Back in Boston Without Ever Suiting Up for the Dodgers?

Remember when the Red Sox traded Mookie Betts to the Dodgers? Sad day, right? With the Coronavirus going around, there may not be a 2020 season. If that’s the case, people are wondering what will happen to impending free agents. Well, Jeff Passan gave us some inside into that particular issue.

So with that in mind, could the Red Sox get Mookie Betts back in 2021? Let’s discuss.

The Money Will Be There

The Red Sox freed up a lot of payroll this off-season. David Price is in L.A. now. Rick Porcello is a Met. Pablo Sandoval’s contract will be off the books (thank God!) finally. The Red Sox can pay Mookie Betts if they really want to. If you want to go back in the right direction to contend, then go pay the man. Right the wrong and give Mookie his money!

If Mookie Comes Back, J.D. Martinez Likely Stays

J.D. and Mookie were tight in Boston. They were always talking hitting together. Mookie would ask J.D. to watch and critique his swing. I’m sure the two would love to play together again. If Mookie comes back into the fold, J.D. will likely opt into the final two years of his current Red Sox contract. That would help the Red Sox immensely in the race to win the American League. A shot at a second championship and get good money while doing so? J.D. would be moronic to go elsewhere if that situation played out.

The Golden Question: Does Mookie Actually Want To Come Back?

What will Mookie want to do? He could very well be bitter at the Red Sox for trading him in the first place. The All-star right fielder could also be understanding that business is business. Money talks in the MLB. If the Red Sox offer him the best deal, he wouldn’t refuse that, right? That’s for Mookie to ultimately decide!

In Conclusion

It’s sort of funny to think that Mookie might never suit up in a regular season game for the Dodgers. Imagine if the Red Sox could pull a Yankees-Aroldis Chapman 2016-17 type of situation? Trade the star, get some young prospects, and get the star back later on? That would be a master first act for Chaim Bloom! Open up the checkbook and bring Mookie back home. That is, if you want to be true contenders in 2021. Let’s make it happen, Red Sox!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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