Re Drafting the 2017 NBA Draft Picks 7-5

last week I redrafted picks 10-8 from the 2017 NBA Draft, today I will redraft picks 7-5.

7. Jonathan Isaac

Johnathan Isaac was drafted 6th overall by the Orlando Magic. I am moving him down a spot due to the fact he sidelined by an injury for most of last season. Other than that, Isaac has a huge ceiling due to his height and ability to handle the ball as a power forward. Isaac also makes a difference on the difference which only will make it more exciting when he makes his return next season.

6. Josh Jackson

Josh Jackson was drafted 4th overall by the Phoenix Suns. To be honest, before the 2017 NBA draft, I thought Jackson was the best player. He had a smooth jump shot and he could do it all on offense. After seeing him play for a year in the NBA, he just looks lackadaisical. He averaged 13.1 points per game, but only shot .263 from beyond the arc. If he can show more passion on the court and improve his three-point shooting, this kid can be something special.

5. De”Aaron Fox

No changes here, Fox was actually drafted 5th overall by the Sacremento Kings. Although Fox didn’t put up flashy numbers, He showed passion for the game. There is no one really faster than him in transition down the court. Fox is also a lockdown defender at the guard position. He didn’t put up great shooting numbers, but that part of his game will come as he gets more experience. His lightning quickness, and ability to move the ball will get him far in the NBA

Come back tomorrow, as I reveal who I believe picks 1-4 should have been.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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