NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys Ratings

The Adidas NHL Reverse Retro jerseys were all released today. For the most part, all of the NHL teams revamped an older look with a modern twist (look at you Islanders!). These jerseys will be on sale starting December 1st. And as for players, these alternative jerseys will be worn by the players a few times during the season. Let’s check out what divisions will be rocking the coolest threads.

The Atlantic Division

The Boston Bruins

As a Bruins fan, I am upset about this jersey. The color reminds me of the Lemonhead candies (which I love, but not the color) and the METH bear. The bear looks scary and like he’s on meth. (Thank you hockey world for the meth bear nickname). The B’s logo looks good though. I am not buying this and I would give it a 4/10.



Buffalo Sabres

This one is pretty sweet. The swords look great and so do the colors. If they included their current buffalo then I think this would be one of my favorites. I’m giving this a 6/10 because I really do like the colors but the buffalo! I do love the illusion of the shinny swords.


Detroit Red Wings

LOL 1/10. Sorry not sorry. Did ya even get the memo?



Florida Panthers

This jersey edition looks A LOT better than their current ones. I even want to buy it and I’m not a Panthers fan. Well… Alex Wennberg did get traded to Florida… hmm. I give these a solid 9/10.



Montreal Canadiens

Okayyyy Montreal, we see you there. These jerseys look pretty sharp! The royal blue is looking really good. Too bad the Habs are the Bruins historical rivals… otherwise… nevermind, I shouldn’t even say it. But I will say I’ll give these jerseys a 7/10.



Ottawa Senators

This jersey is not outlandish, definitely can tell there is a change since the base of the jersey is now red. This looks very similar to their black base jerseys. Not a drastic change but at least they changed the base of the color. I’d give this a 4/10.



Tampa Bay Lightning

Why does this logo and font remind me of a sign for Barbie’s Malibu dream house in the 80’s? Those are the vibes I’m getting from the jersey. I understand wanting to bring back some moderation of the older jerseys but I feel like the Lightening has such a cool logo and could have done a lot with this. I definitely don’t hate it but if I were a Lightning fan I would probably not purchase this jersey. I would rate this a 5/10.



Toronto Maple Leafs

All bias aside, I really do not like these jerseys. The leaf is too simplistic. Is the blue a little big lighter than the normal jerseys? For me, I really like how on the current Leaf jerseys the actual leaf is very detailed. For me, the detailed leaf makes the uniform. However, I understand if that’s your logo, then how many times can you modify a maple leaf before it looks like something else. Sorry Leafs, but I’m giving this jersey a 1/10. I do like this color a little bit more!


The Central Divison

Chicago Blackhawks

This one isn’t my favorite I’ve seen from the Blackhawks. It reminds me a bit of one of the Penguins jerseys. Probably going to give this a 4/10. I’m just not that impressed.



Colorado Avalanche

Colorado is bringing back the Quebec Nordiques igloo logo! We love to see this iconic logo. The fleur-de-lis at the hem gives the jersey the finishing touches. I love these a lot and would give them a 9/10.



Dallas Stars

In general, I think Dallas has one of the most boring jerseys. I do not care for these at all and they do not look attractive. I am giving these a 1/10.



Minnesota Wild

I had to stare at this one for a few minutes to really soak in the jersey. I like it because of the color combination. And the logo looks cool. Personally, I like this better than the North Stars jersey. I’d give this a 6/10.



Nashville Predators

Ehhh, this one is not that impressive nor does it stand out. Nashville could have used another logo. I’ll give this a 3/10.



St. Louis Blues

This retro jersey reminds me of a Happy Meal from McDonald’s for some reason. I do not like the red at all. The logo looks a little bit softer, and it’s easier on the eyes, but honestly, the red is far too distracting. Blues, please stick to white, blue, and gold. I am rating this a 3/10. At least they modified their jerseys, unlike some teams.



Winnipeg Jets

Well, this is interesting! Personally, I prefer their current jerseys. I do admire how they kept the airplane logo. The Winnipeg Jets show off their team name and city in the logo, even shaping the “J” like a hockey stick. Kudos to that! I do really like the color combination of the jersey. I give this a 5/10. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it, I feel indifferent.



The Metropolitan Division

Carolina Hurricanes

10/10, enough said. If you’re really into hockey, then you’ll understand why I gave this rating. Helllloooo, the whales tail! Classic.



Columbus Blue Jackets

I have mixed feelings about this jersey. I really want to like it because of the cool stars at the hem of the sleeve and the star on top of the hockey stick. The CB logo is just throwing me off. I would rate this a 5/10. If the logo was different, this one would be a lot cooler.



Philadelphia Flyers

The arms look good but overall, I’d rather have the current flyers jersey. I wouldn’t waste my money on this, I would rate this a 2/10.



Pittsburgh Penguins

I’m totally feeling the old-timer vibes with Pittsburgh’s jersey. Very baseball-esque in my opinion. Although I do appreciate the Penguin logo I’m glad Pittsburgh was able to switch it up a lot. I’d give this a 6/10, the jersey for sure brings you back to the older days.



New Jersey Devils

This jersey gives me Christmas vibes and I love it! Although the Devils have sleek jerseys with their black, red, and white combination. I do absolutely love it when they add green into their jerseys. Definitely giving these sick jerseys a 7/10.


New York Islanders

Sorry Islanders, but what?! The team could have done so much with the fisherman jersey. I am disappointed. Ugh, I love the team but I’m giving their jerseys a *cries* 1/10.



New York Rangers

Lady liberty is looking good! This one is definitely a classic and if I were a Rangers fan it would be in my shopping cart this instant. The deep blue as the base just makes the jersey. Can’t wait to see the Rangers wear this. I’m giving this one an 8/10.



Washington Capitals

Our national Capital’s team! These jerseys are sick and the eagle looks pretty badass, not going to lie. The combination of the eagle and the flag would definitely make me feel empowered if I wore this jersey. Watch out NHL, this jersey may give American-born player, T.J. Oshie some extra motivation. I would definitely rate this 9/10. I absolutely love it.



The Pacific Division

Anaheim Ducks

Very cool! I think Anaheim did a great job on this, but I feel like a lot is going on with the duck. A little too detailed in my opinion, but it looks good! I’ll give this a 7/10.



Arizona Coyotes

Now THIS is what I’m talking about and I think it’s my favorite. It’s different, it’s cool, it’s hip, and EXACTLY what I would want on a jersey. I’m getting major Pablo Picasso vibes. 10/10 and this is the best retro jersey. Bravo Arizona, finally doing something right!



Calgary Flames

The horse breathing out flames, oooh I love this one. The colors and logo honestly give my shivers down my spine. The team did a phenomenal job with this one. 10/10 for sure! And the numbers and “C” look beautiful.



Edmonton Oilers

Nothing about this jersey screams exciting to me. I feel like we always see this logo and variation. My rating would be 2/10.



Los Angeles Kings

The purple is back and brings you back to the Wayne Gretzky days. I do like the purple but I think the Kings look really sharp in their black and white uniforms. This also is cool because it reminds me of the Lakers. I would love to see the crown logo bigger. And I’m not too fond of how big the “Kings” logo is. I’d give this a 7/10 for that reason.



San Jose Sharks

Actually, I am totally here for this jersey. The grey looks a lot better than the current bluish-green jersey, and the stripes on the arm look really good! Of course, we cannot forget the infamous sharking crushing the hockey stick! I’m giving these a 8/10. They really did a great job with the color scheme in my opinion.



Vancouver Canucks

Honestly, I don’t really like these that much. The diagonal stripe is very much throwing me off. I do prefer the original. Although, I will appreciate the vibrant colors on this jersey. At least the logo is represented well! I would rate this a 3/10. Vancouver definitely could have done better.



Vegas Golden Knights

This jersey may not be as “cool” as their current jerseys but I am all about this one. I think for me the logo really does it with the two swords crossing each other and the star in the middle. For a history nerd such as myself, I’m feeling the Crusaders right here. The color combination also complements each other very well, especially with the logo. I am giving this an 8/10. Very cool!

Which is your favorite?


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