Rangers trade for Ryan Reaves

What happens in Vegas…comes to NY. Coming into this off-season the New York Rangers needed to add more impactful players to protect each other during fights! This past week the Rangers addressed that issue by signing Ryan Reaves! Ryan Reaves is known to be one of the best fighters in the NHL and a Swiss Army knife fourth line player. He previously played for Vegas the last couple seasons! The New York Rangers traded a third round pick in exchange for him and have now extended his contract another year. 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

I love this move because the Rangers need to get tougher. Ryan Reeves is the perfect solution and exactly who the Rangers need to sign to achieve the best possible team! The deal was a whooping $1.75 Million for the one year extension and was well worth it. The value will be very evident when you turn on the first game of this year where the Rangers are facing the Capitols. We all remember what happened the last time these two faced.

Tough Guy Alert…

If you don’t remember, Tom Wilson/ slammed Rangers’ Artemi Panarin to the ground without a helmet and received no punishment from the NHL. There is still bad blood between the two teams and in a later game the two rivals had six or seven fights that stemmed from frustration the teams still had from the Panarin incident. Ryan Reeves is going to beat the shit out of Tom Wilson and all the Ranger and NHL fans across the world will be quite happy!

Rivals Beware…

With the addition of Reaves, the designated tough guy, to the team rivals everywhere better watch what fights they pick. Look up past teams that have won the Stanley Cup, they always have players who knows how to fight and grind it out for a goal. Ryan Reaves is going to be insanely effective on the fourth line of this Rangers team! 

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