Rams Signing OBJ Was The Right Decision

After his release from the Cleveland Browns, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr has a new home.

While many wondered where would he go next, teams like the New Orleans Saints, Patriots, Packers and Kansas Chiefs were some of the more rumored locations for the wideout to land. However, after officially clearing waivers on Tuesday this past week, Odell decided on his next destination Thursday afternoon.

Odell Signs with the LA Rams

The announcement came down officially on Thursday afternoon and you can only imagine the reactions from NFL Fans.

At first, the announcement was a bit of a shocker to many fans as the Rams was not one of the destinations thought of. Shortly, many questioned how the Rams pulled it off given their cap space. However, the way in which the Rams went about signing OBJ was just purely genius.

So not only did the intelligent way of getting this superstar annoy fans. The most annoying part was questions like the following:

  • Do they really have a need for him?
  • Why would OBJ go to a place where he’s the third option at best?

Nevertheless, the comments such as:

  • Rams are screwed for the next 3-5 years in terms of first-round picks.
  • They just added luxury instead of addressing needs.
  • They dug themselves a huge hole.

So for those of you thinking along these lines, I am here to shed some light as to why the Rams signing OBJ was the right decision.

OBJ Is Now A Need!

As I’m sure you are all aware, OBJ’s need in the LA Rams just went up real fast. News earlier today broke out, bringing to front-and-center the reasons why OBJ was needed and answering many of the questions about the signing.

Prior to this announcement, I was talking to a close buddy of mine and added in what capacity I would see Odell be used in this team.

Now, my buddy and I are both avid Patriots fans. With that said, I went onto saying how I could see OBJ be utilized in the same way as Danny Amendola was used when he was a New England Patriot. Almost or very similarly to that of a slot receiver but capable enough to be a deep threat, especially in situations where Matt Stafford could be looking to go deep and Cooper Kupp would be covered.

In addition, I suggested that OBJ would take pressure off of Kupp in terms of his production role. Lastly, mentioning how his signing would threaten production for someone like Robby Woods and Van Jefferson. Virtually splitting targets if anything. Surely, things such as OBJ’s capabilities to quickly make himself available and playing decent amount of snaps came into the conversation.

However, it led me onto the next thing that would catch my friend by surprise.

Hot Take Alert: Part 1

For starters, the Rams have some wise, and low-risk moves that you should expect to make next year. Considering that the age average on their current roster is 30-years old. The Rams can literally move some low-end pieces towards teams wanting experienced reinforcement. Yes, I am looking at you Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets and Houston Texans.

Those aforementioned teams could look into making deals with the Rams for talents like Cam Akers and Tutu Atwell. Just these two, in terms of money clear up about $3 Million dollars worth of cap space. Additionally, these two are young enough to be worth exchanging for early round picks making them that much more meaningful in terms of value. Yes, contract-wise they have sometime. However, these can be reworked, and most likely, something LA will look to do next season.

Additionally, Sony Michel could potentially see himself again in the trading block. He becomes a free-agent in 2022 and with an average salary of $2.4 Million, LA Rams will potentially just say see you later given his low production this year with the team.

Suddenly, the Rams are back in second-round pick territory along with some cap space cleared off their books to start the 2022 season.

Final Part of the Hot Take!

As the second and final part of my take, I went onto saying we could see Tyler Higbee get traded.

Want to know where to? Potentially with a team like the Bengals who often gets that mid-early first round pick. Here’s why!

In a year where the Rams have arguably a far better QB in Matt Stafford, did you know that Higbee is hardly a target ever? With 35 receptions out of 48 targets this year, Higbee has only mustered 2 TD’s this year. With the Rams being 7-2 and averaging roughly 27 points per game, one would think that their tight-end would be far more involved. Sadly, this isn’t the case and for a solid tight-end this has to be weird and worrisome if anything.

If you are the Rams and move Higbee, you know you can get some seriously valuable picks for him. In addition, you’d be clearing another $7 Million in your cap space. Let’s say, all these moves are made, the Rams again have decent round picks to make while counting with about $10-$12 Million worth of cap space.

In Conclusion…

Concluding my thoughts here on the OBJ signing by the Rams, personally I think the rams made the right decision.

Keep in mind as well, Odell’s contract is a 1-year deal. If he doesn’t work out for this organization, the Rams have nothing to lose once again.

Lastly, for those of you worried about the Rams, stop worrying. The Rams are just fine and if anything, they are actually a legit contender. Unless, they screw up somewhere between now and playoffs.

(Featured image credit to SI.com)

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